Flexi School

Ambassadors High School Flexi-School

Deciding to home educate your child is a big commitment, and not one that suits every family. But it needn’t be a straight choice between home educating or sending your child to school. Flexi-schooling – where a child attends school for part of the week, and learns at home for the rest of it – is an ideal compromise for some families, and becoming increasingly popular.

Ambassadors High School introduced the Flexi school option for Secondary as well as Primary age children  in January 2018.Our aim is to provide an enriched curriculum for all students and empower young minds in our care.

Why flexi-school?

Why many  parents in the UK might choose Flexi-schooling include their child having an illness that makes full-time school difficult, having a phobia of school, or returning to school gradually after a period of absence. Some families also opt to Flexi-school so they can home educate their children whilst making use of school resources. Most parents like to Flexi-School their child so that they can spend more valuable time with them at home or do other activities that they are not able to do due to hectic schedule of school life.

How to arrange Flexi-schooling

Flexi-schooling is legal in the UK but it isn’t an automatic right, unlike full-time home education. You as a parent will need to register your child as a home-school pupil with your local authority , we can provide you a letter stating that your child is attending classes with us and are happy for you to take all the work to show when being home inspected. We will be sending home termly reports of your child’s achievements in the selected subjects . Termly parent teacher meetings are also held to discuss the progress and development of your child.

How it works

Ambassadors High School has designed a highly effective curriculum  for each key stage .KS1 , KS2 and Ks3  have schemes of work set for all subjects , parents also have the choice of enrolling their child on project base learning ,skills and community work lessons.

Parents during introduction are given the curriculum booklet and a time table they can book the relevant subjects for their child .  The parents are given a choice of booking subjects not exceeding These lessons are booked on a yearly base in order to see the progress the child has made. Child’s progress is shared with the parent   through home communication books , reports as well as parents being invited to parent teacher meetings.


Advantages of Flexi-Schooling

Flexi-schooling can be a perfect home-school compromise: children have access to specialist educators and resources they might not have at home plus they can join in parts of the timetable such as PE, trips and other extra curricular activities. They get opportunities to work and socialise with their own peer group, and will have the chance to join in with activities such as trips and plays and other curricular activities .