Our core purpose at all key stages  is to deliver an engaging and challenging curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning. Our aim is to meet every child’s needs by working on their academic as well personal development. At AHS we strongly believe that every child is different and they learn differently , therefore we constantly evaluate our teaching and assessing strategies.


At AHS we follow the national curriculum with the aid of Montessori method of teaching, this is implemented in all  Key stages.

Our aim is for our students to  experience a broad range of subjects  as well project base learning , life skills and community work .

At AHS we follow Montessori pedagogy ,and believe in working with the children using an individual approach. Our aim is to help children develop and become independent and happy learners . We aim to  instil the love of learning as well as taking pride in their achievements , we understand that at times we do not achieve what we aim for and it can be upsetting therefore, our aim is to help our students that there are always valuable lessons to be learnt from failures in ours lives and that it is never too late to pick ourselves up again and try , our main aim is also to instil the understanding in our children that  we plan and Allah plans and that Allah has created us all differently and  has given us  strengths and weaknesses  ,we should be thankful for our strengths and reflect on our weaknesses . We help our students understands how to effectively use their strengths and how to learn from their weaknesses and find ways to learn from them and work on them . We want our students to understand that nothing is impossible without the help of Allah .We help them to understand the importance of making dua ,asking Allah (SWT) with sincerity and remembering that Allah listens to what we ask, He Almighty can do anything  and we have to be patient  and not give up on making dua and trying our best.


Schemes of Work  at AHS