Our Vision & Mission



Empowering young minds 

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe then act…….’’


We are delighted to welcome prospective parents as well as students and are pleased to inform the vision that we have for the future achievements. Our vision at Ambassadors High School (AHS) is to ensure that children espouse aspirations for themselves and the community, provide them with tools that will lead them to pursue successful lives and a passion for learning that will stay with them. We will prepare students to be responsible members of society which may lead to positive leadership. We endeavour to build this deep-rooted drive in our students that will enable them to achieve any aspect in their practical lives.


We at AHS strongly believe in the power of high expectations and the importance of personal goals which are meaningful to each individually. We know that every student has their individual personal potential and are determined to help them to achieve it. We aim to enable all students to take part in exciting learning in the classroom as well as outside, so that they will make rapid and sustainable progress.


Our purpose is to promote creativity and self-confidence supported and  expressed through providing the student the opportunity to bring forward their ideas and projects. We believe creativity comes in many forms and that every student can discover their own through the supportive challenges provided by our expert staff.


We know that  education of students provided at school can prepare them for their practical life or further study. We are, therefore, fully committed to help students to be ambitious, optimistic and problem-solvers,

At the core of our development within AHS we are determined to build cordial but disciplined relationship between staff and students. We aim to extend those constructive relationships in the wider community at large. Our greatest aim at AHS is to develop the love of Quran and Sunnah in the hearts of our students .

We are proud to be able to empower and nurture  young minds spiritually as well as academically in our care.





Our mission is to empower young minds by ….


  • Encouraging the growth of intellectual curiosity, creativity and independent learning as well as preparing each student for the best possible results, through a broadly based, coherent and balanced curriculum.
  • Providing well qualified, inspirational and dedicated staff, committed to continual professional development, who have high expectations of all students, who enjoy teaching and learning, and who enable students to fulfil their academic potential within an intellectually vibrant community.
  • Providing outstanding pastoral care and ensuring that relationships within the school are based on mutual respect within a highly supportive environment.
  • Encouraging the development of self-discipline, responsibility, physical and emotional wellbeing, moral and spiritual values, and consequently the highest possible standards of behaviour, confidence in themselves and consideration for others.
  • Offering a wide range of high quality extra-curricular activities through which students develop a healthy sense of co-operation and competition as well as enjoying their social, sporting and cultural interests for their own sakes.
  • Preparing students for the life beyond school through an understanding of higher education and career possibilities, a development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills, an informed appreciation of the diversity of the world and a sense of service to the wider community.
  • Working in close partnership with parents and encouraging them to be actively involved in their child’s education.