Tarbiyah School

AHS Tarbiyah School


”To empower young people of the Ummah by teaching Quran and Sunnah  as a way of life ”

At AHS we believe that the Curriculum is not merely a set of books; it’s the formula for child development as a whole.We use books ,audi-visual aids, function as tools that nurture the child for his/her role in the world. Our  aim  is to prepare the children attending the school to live there life according to the Quran and seerah and make them a sadaqah jariya for their parents .

Our staff is passionate about their work and want to do their best to help the children develop personally,socially , morally and spiritually .


Areas Of Study 

  1. Perfect recitation of the Holy Quran (Tajweed) 
  2. The Quran : Meaning and it’s message 

  3. Seerah: Theory and practicing it 

  4. Arabic Language 

  5. History of Islam 

As well as focussing on the areas of study above we will be focussing on  the 8 main areas of personal development :

Spiritual Development 

We believe that Islam should not be taught to the child as a list of do’s or dont’s, rather the child should feel a sense of joy in living life as a follower of the Quran & Sunnah. This is the key to their akhira and we believe that it must be dealt with utmost importance.

Social Development 

At AHS we believe that  care must be taken to form a genuine partnership between the child, institute, home and the wider community within a framework of mutual respect. Our tarbiyah program aims to promote community cohesion and encourage social inclusion .

We believe that the building of self confidence should not be be at the cost of good manners .

Moral Development 

We have designed a curriculum which throughout it’s stages will help the child to learn how to distinguish between right & wrong, both intellectually and instinctively.

Cultural Development 

Through the AHS Tarbiyah curriculum we aim to enrich the child’s learning with cultural diversity. We aim to teach the children to appreciate respect cultural differences and understand them.

Intellectual Development 

At AHS we believe that every child should achieve their full academic potential by establishing the highest standards and acquiring the knowledge  and understanding of essential life skills, with a deep sense of responsibility  to use all the knowledge granted by Allah for the benefit of the Ummah and mankind in general .

Emotional Development 

Through this course our aim is to develop emotional intelligence and for the child to become emotionally in tune with the Spirit of Islam insha Allah . Our aim is to help the children understand how to deal with anger, pain ,pleasure and happiness in accordance to the Sunnah . We believe that AHS tarbiyah program will encourage a positive personal self image in the child insha’ Allah .

Physical Development 

Through this program we aim to make students understand that our body is an Amanah from Allah  and we should adapt a life style that promotes looking after ourselves by studying the Seerah.

Parents: Role and Participation 

It is virtually impossible to achieve our goal without the support of  parents. The home environment plays a vital part in the overall development of the child. We believe in working closely with parents therefore monthly parent teacher meetings as well as regular reports will be sent to keep the parents up-to date with the child’s progress at school.


Our overall aim is to develop……….

◊ A staunch believer in the holy Quran

◊ Practicing the Sunnah in all areas of life

◊ To build ,Truth, honesty ,good character and integrity in the child